Maize gluten

Cornfield in the USA

  • Maize derivatives used in cattle feed in the UK are largely imported from the USA and must be regarded as containing GM material. 

  • The most significant in terms of usage is maize gluten, which is a by-product of the alcohol and starch processing industries.

  • Its moderate protein content compared to soya and rapeseed meal means that it is generally regarded as part of the cereal component of the feed, though it still makes a significant contribution to overall protein levels. Its inclusion rate in dairy rations will vary according to prices of both it and other cereals.

  • Prairie meal, another by-product of industrial maize processing, is a much higher-protein product, but is not used significantly in the UK because of its high price.

 corn gmos 310

  • Feed industry sources estimate that maize gluten would have accounted for approximately 15% of total retail cattle feed production in 2003.    On the basis of Defra and DARD’s 2003 cattle feed production statistics, the estimated maize gluten component of retail cattle feed production in the UK would have been 584,610 tonnes in this period.

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