Maize Gluten


  • Maize Gluten also known as corn gluten meal (CGM) is a By-Product of maize (corn) processing.

  • Gluten is prepared by centrifugation, filtering and drying of the 
    slurry received from the primary and secondary stages of corn refining. 

  • It has a high protein, high nutrient density, high energy ingredient consisting of insoluble protein in combination with minimal. 

  • As a 19% protein feed with reasonable energy (13.1 mJ/kg dry matter), maize gluten suits many rations and is usually of good digestibility. It also contains good levels of digestible fibre starch (+20% in DM).

  • The majority of Maize Gluten demand is satisfied by imports from the United States. 

  • There are, however, several UK processing plants that produce it too (Tilbury and Manchester, for example), using imported maize. 

  • Available as both meal and pellets, maize gluten is often found to be varying in colour from pale, golden brown to a richer, darker hue of brown. 

  • Heat treatment during production renders the protein, often 200 to 230 g/kg in gluten feed, relatively undegradeable. 

  • Maize Gluten feed is available all 
    year round, but is mostly sold during the Winter months. 

  • Its reputation as an excellent feed for dairy cows is well known. 

  • Indeed, one of its most tangible effects is to boost lactation.

    Maize Gluten meal

Maize Gluten analysis on a dry matter basis (%):






Metabolisable energy (ME) (Mega joules/kg dry matter)

 Dry Matter (%)









 Limits to Usage

  • The starch can be highly undegradeable. 

  • Protein levels can vary from source to source. 

  • Needs a good source of supplementary minerals when used at maximum levels for ruminant diets (30% +). 

  • If the product is black, it may have been overheated or burnt in processing and should be avoided. 

  • Approximately 15% of the starch is rumen fermented.

Storage / Processing

  • Store in cool dry conditions.

  • Material to have been stored in compliance with UFAS code of practice for the control of salmonella.


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