Can you supply me with non GM dairy compounds?

Yes, Protein Feeds Ltd., as a policy, responds to customer demands and requirements and if non GM diets are required then Protein Feeds Ltd. is able to supply such products. Protein Feeds Ltd. non GM status diets, are formulated without the use of genetically modified materials derived from agricultural crops. Currently this meets the
retailer/processor requirements. Not all Protein Feeds Ltd. diets are formulated in this way, so check with us, regarding the diet of choice for your situation.

Can you supply me with Organic status dairy compounds?

Yes, Protein Feeds Ltd. has a range of diets produced in mills registered with the relevant Organic Standards body. We are also able to give advice on Organic milk production. 

How do I know what's in the feed I am buying?

All Protein Feeds Ltd. compound feeds are supplied with an invoice which clearly identifies the raw materials used in the specific product.  The raw materials are listed in descending order of inclusion.


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