Do Protein Feeds Ltd. supply any thing else other than compound feeds?

Yes, we are also able to arrange the supply of straight feed materials.

What type of cake is best to use in the spring, one containing a high level or low level starch?

This will depend on the quality of grass.  With lush, leafy, early season grass the compound should contain lots of slowly fermenting raw materials to slow things down in the rumen. When grass becomes more stemmy this changes and everything needs to be speeded up using much more quickly fermentable raw materials. This combination gives much greater grass intakes and therefore more milk yield.

Which product is best for my cows and will deliver the financial results I require?

We manufacture a wide range of rations one of which, or a combination of products, will be suitable for almost every feeding situation.  It is the role of our manager in discussion with you, our Customer, to identify the best diet for any given situation.

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Thu, Mar 22, 2018

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