Sunflower Pellets

Sunflower Pellets

  • These are a by-product from the crushing, expelling and extracting of oil from Sunflower Plant.

  • The seed is "Decorticated" to remove the outer shell; this fibrous material is added back to the meal after extraction. The resulting mixture is normally pelleted but will contain meal.

  • They have long been a protein source in adult ruminant diets (27%). 

  • But the low energy levels (ME = 9 Mega joules/kg dry matter) limits their use in high performance diets.

  • It offers a good alternative to balance low protein feeds (ie: - maize silage and whole crop, Sugar beet and cereals.)

Key Features


  • Good availability all year

  • Good fibre content

  • Low energy levels

  • Good compliment to low protein feeds

  • Consistent analysis

  • Good energy levels

Sunflower analysis on a dry matter basis (%):

Sunflower Pellets2

Protein Oil Fibre Ash
27 1 23 7


Metabolisable energy (ME)(Mega joules/kg dry matter) Dry Matter (%)
9 88


 Storage / Processing

  • Sunflower Pellets should as with other dry straights be stored in cool, dry conditions. 

  • Pellet quality will be variable and meal must be expected.

  • Generally imported to all UK ports and so is available all year round.

  • Material to be stored and transported in compliance with UFAS code of practice.